• What are the benefits of massage for newborns?

    What are the benefits of massage for newborns?

    Massage and touch therapy in neonates: the current evidence
    Indian Pediatr. 2010 Sep;47(9):771-6.

    What are the benefits of massage for newborns?


    Studies on the effects of massage in newborns draw attention to the following positive effects;

    -Increase in sleep quality, fewer awakenings during sleep, easy falling sleep

    -Increase in neuromotor development, decrease in stress level

    -More emotional binding

    -A significant increase in gastric movements after the massage,

    -Feeding into the systemic circulation by absorption,

    -Ease in weight gain

    -Adjusting the skin temperature by reducing heat dissipation from the skin surface

    -Improving skin texture by removing dead skin cells and preventing dry skin and cracking

    -Improving skin barrier functions

    -Reducing energy consumption and thus ensuring better growth

    -Massaging along with physical activity strengthens the bone

    -Reduction in hospital infections


    Their massage environment should have a soft light, warm temperature, and low noise level. Massages should be performed between meals (45 min-1 hours to prevent vomiting)

    People with cardiac disease should not be given massages.


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