Our Story

As Planto Baby, we offer “Custom Tailored” special cosmeceutical baby skin care products developed with scientific methods that will contribute to the secure attachment and wholeness of the mother and baby to each other and their holistic health including physical, mental and emotional balance.

After working in the field of R&D and regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry since 2000, I and my husband established CT Pharma Research, which operates in the field of drug research and development. After founding our company, I was conducting a large number of pharmaceutical R&D studies and working at a very intense pace. My son was just 3 years old.

As a woman who always gives importance to producing, developing and being successful, I constantly followed the scientific developments in the world and never took a break from my career. Probably from the psychology of a mother who works in a pharmaceutical R&D laboratory, deals with science and loves her job I had the idea of ​​making cosmeceutical products in accordance with current scientific knowledge that my son can use.

When we started this cosmeceutical products project, we dreamed of creating products with plant ingredients that would be good for sensitive and atopy-prone baby skin. We designed a logo of a mother who wraps and holds her baby in a safe green house.

Long after we designed the logo, I was introduced to the books of pediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott and came across this sentence: “There is no a baby. In the beginning there is a baby and its mother.” With this sentence, as a child who had allergic asthma when he was just a six-month-old baby and had to stay in hospital apart from his mother frequently due to asthma attacks until she was five years old, I realised more clearly my inner feelings were pointing to the Planto Baby brand image, which centered on the mother-baby bond and unity.

This is how Planto Baby was born.

As a mother who always follows scientific knowledge, I hope that Planto Baby, born from my own experiences, will contribute to the formation of a pleasant and secure attachment between you and your baby.

Chem. Eng. Semra Aktas Simsek